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Saturday, September 30, 2006

By Observers

So now here we are. We are on the other side of god. It may be hard to believe, but it is true. God does not exist. There really is no god. There never has been except in the minds of those who've chosen to believe. Of course, for those who choose to believe in him or her, the myth of god will continue to have meaning, all be it an imaginary one. I mean no disrespect to the majority who claim to believe, though at most, they are only misguided by human tradition. At least, god believers are acknowleging the reality of something greater than self and searching for truth. But the truth is There Is No God and there never has been. There is, and always has been however, an intelligent, Life giving, all-pervading Unity in the Universe. Everything is a part of this Universal Unity and every thing has a purpose. We of the human race have a very unique purpose. The human is the lifeform chosen to be the primary recipient and carrier of universal consciousness. It could have been another species, or maybe a different kind of lifeform altogether, who got the promotion to be first, but it wasn’t, it was us. We are the first lifeform in this revolution of evolution to be promoted to the realm of self-awareness. With that promotion comes the responsibility of upholding the values that we instead created a god to uphold. There is no question that there is a part of me who, like a jilted lover in denial, just plain can’t seem to really accept that this is all true. BUT IT IS ! We’ve all heard stories about the breakup of a relationship in which the jilted party lives in denial and just can’t seem to let go, sometimes even becoming a stalker of their former love. We all hate to give up that which we’ve grown accustom to and we have grown accustom to a god in charge of Life. So now we must accept Life for what it really is or lose our minds trying to fight the inevitable."In a recent issue of The Atlantic, Paul Bloom offers an interesting perspective on the whole God thing," writes Jonah Goldberg. "He makes a very powerful case that belief, or a tendency toward belief in the supernatural in general and God in particular is hardwired into our systems from birth. His article is titled ‘Is God an Accident?’Citing among other things some very clever experiments with babies and young children he argues that we come into this world preprogrammed to divide the world into spirits and objects, or minds and bodies. This is an evolutionary adaptation designed for one thing, socialization, which has made us susceptible to another thing; religion.We aren’t ‘supposed’ to believe in God. But in addition to our evolved tendency to split the world into spirit and object, our operating systems are also set up to want to believe that everything happens for a reason.Our brains don’t like randomness, so we assume that there is an intelligence or purpose behind events, something that requires things to happen the way they do."If you have read this far you now know that there is only the all-pervading unity of the Universe. I say ‘only’ but I really mean an all-encompassing unifying all and there is nothing more. Everything is a part of one whole. We now see the Universe as a unity of which we are a part. We are evolving into something new. We must now bear the burden of our own newness. We must now take responsibility for ourselves. What values we can perpetuate, what values we will perpetuate is a matter of individual choice. Each one of us that becomes able, in our own time, of our own free will, and in our own way, will make these profound evolutionary decisions. For every person there is a moment to decide. Evolve or devolve? The choice is up to me. And YOU....It is so timeless yet so new, this idea that each one of us really is completely, totally, and solely responsible for our own selves and our own destiny. We no longer have our old familiar crutches to lean upon. They have all been a part of the greatest myth. There really is no heaven. And there is no hell. There are no miracles. There is no god to ask for guidance, to rely upon, obey, or beg forgiveness from. We can no longer pray to a god, asking that two and two be not four, which is what most prayer calls for, "Dear God, Let your will be done, but please do what I ask of you." Nor can we turn the responsibility of our lives and our destiny over to any outside force. "Our destiny is not controlled by any kind of external divine being," instructs Chuck Stanford. "If that were the case, then this external force would be the cause of every human act and there would be no such thing as real ‘free will’ " At the most basic level there is simply cause and effect. Every action has an effect in this Life. "This becomes our destiny, which is governed by the ‘free will’ choices we make," continues Stanford. So it’s all about choices, the power is in our hands, the decisions are up to us."While we are free to make choices," Stanford says, " those choices are not entirely 100 percent ‘free’ because they will have been influenced by all of our previous choices. The important thing for us to recognize is that while we do have a type of ‘free will’, that we are also part of a vast web of interconnectedness. A single event influences many others. The point then is to lead as virtuous a Life as possible. And to use the time we have, not harming others but responding to every situation with compassion and wisdom.".I just love it when people say things with such depth and meaning, as so much of the conversation I hear these days, whether spoken or written, sounds very much like just a lot of meaningless drivel. It is good to know that there are people in our midst who have some depth and are willing instructors to the rest of us, as there would be little real progress without them. Evolutionary progression is slow enough, as we seem to always be taking two steps forward and then one step back, at times even stepping backwards without going forward at all. Without the instructors amongst us there would be nothing but regression, which in many ways seems more prevalent than progression in much of human affairs today anyway. The question of our direction is not an irrelevant one, but rather one of most importance. Becoming completely responsible for our own self is one of the first steps in the direction of our future as human beings.When we have truly become genuinely responsible for our own self, then, and only then will we become fully aware of the all-pervading unity of the Universe and how we fit our own self into the giant puzzle of Life."Genuine responsibility", advises Martin Buber, "exists only where there is real responding. Responding to what? To what happens to one, to what is to be seen and heard and felt. Each concrete hour allotted to the person, with it’s content drawn from the world and from destiny, is speech for the one who is attentive. Attentive, for no more than that is needed in order to make a beginning with the reading of the signs that are given to you....It will then be expected of the attentive man that he faces creation as it happens. It happens as speech directed precisely at him. But the sounds of which the speech consists are the events of everyday personal Life. In them as they now are, great or small, we are addressed." So we have to learn to see that each moment has its guidance and we have to learn to be quiet and listen. As Charles Taft so wisely advised, "It is easy for me to spout; It is far harder to cultivate a truly listening ear."Becoming not just more responsible, but completely, one hundred percent self responsible for our own personal selves is how we make the Universe a unity. We consciously become a part of the all-pervading unity of the Universe and thereby we unconsciously perpetuate those values which we choose to live. Thus we keep these values alive and perpetuate them forward to the next generation of humanity.So what are our values? What are the ‘values’ the human race is now living, and unconsciously perpetuating, as we embark upon the journey into the twenty-first century.It appears that, as with what we have done to all great culture, we are not rising to higher values, growing to a higher level of consciousness, reaching for a higher spiritual level of Life.No, we are not stretching for the very best that we can achieve but only dragging it all down to our self-centered, animalistic level of existence (existence, because just existing is all we are able do at this immature level).But this does not have to be the way it is. We can Change. We can grow. And we had better begin doing so, as the clock is ticking. Tick, Tick, Tick.I will digress here to make my point. In the paraphrased words of John Murry, ‘ we can incorporate the Universe to ourselves, or ourselves to the Universe, which is the same thing. This is what the truly great people throughout time have discovered. They have explained this experience in many different ways, though the practical effect always results in the same self-integration of the biological organism to a higher level of consciousness Consciousness that is actually organic to our very person. Intelligence and emotion merge into organic consciousness.Through this newly integrated metabiological organism Life can create, without hindrance, her own pure and inscrutable newness. It is, in short, our privilege and our burden that we alone among organisms must learn, slowly and painfully, to be an organism. The aim of human life, once posited in these simple terms, seems obvious. Yet how difficult of attainment it truly is! Religion has its method: we are to do the will of God. But we find it too difficult to do the will of God. We have to know what it is; we must have rules to tell us. But the will of God that is known beforehand ceases to be the will of God. The will of God is that which we will do when we have learned to be, and actually are, a metabiological organism, but then it is no longer the will of god, but simply the living of metabiological values.Metabiology is biology into which what are know as ‘values’ are organically incorporated. The endeavor to lift ‘values’ out of the continuity of the Organic Process of the Universe, though it is in some sense a necessity of thought, is mistaken. There are those who speak of ‘absolute family values’ or ‘Christian values’ or just plain ‘eternal religious values’, but there is really only one category of values and those are ‘living values’ or ‘Life values’, if you will.By hypostatizing truth, beauty and goodness, and god into ‘eternal values’ we make them finally unreal. There are, and can be, no eternal or absolute values. Human values only stay alive if humans maintain them. We maintain them by living them. We must now accept the fact that there is no one to maintain our values but us. There is no Father, no Savior, no great Almighty - no, just us - we have to do this ourselves.‘Value’ is creative newness in the organic process of the Universe; more than this, it is creative newness which maintains itself. And this self-maintenance of creative newness must necessarily be measured, not by the Life of the biological individual, but by the Life of the whole. The creative newness of Jesus Christ was inevitably death to the biological individual, but it was Life to the process as a whole. It became the locus of centuries of conscious and unconscious effort in successive generations of people; a new type had evolved, to which, according to their metabiological potentialities, a succession of individuals responded. The activity of such response is what distinguishes the metabiological process from biological process; metabiological process is biological process into which response to ‘value’ has been, by necessity, organically incorporated. The necessity of this incorporation, once seen, is obvious. There can be no true science of Life which does not accept this fact..To establish the facts of metabiological response is the work of history; to establish the cause is the work of psychology. The outstanding metabiological response in the epoch of which we are the immediate heirs has been the response to Jesus. He has been the supreme embodiment of ‘value’ for two thousand years. ‘Value’ is simply attached to the object of continuous metabiological response. The distinction between objects of ‘ value ’ which are or were living, and objects of ‘ value ’ which are dead, is an irrelevant and unessential distinction.Values are always organic in origin. Anything which maintains itself as an object of metabiological response was once the organic extension of its creator. It is no less inherent to the person than the fingers of their hand; its ‘value’ consists simply in its power to maintain itself as an object of response. This power to maintain itself as the object of metabiological response appears to depend upon its creative newness, by which it gives Life a new possibility of expression. Our response to value is only a particular case of organic response to organic variation in the evolutionary process.Evidently, then, in the metabiological mode, the completest and most influential variation is a whole human Life of a new kind. This is the greatest of all "works of art," not by metaphor, but in actual fact, and recognized to be such by some of the great masters of art themselves.He who would write a great poem, said Milton, must be himself a true poem. - -Values must be regarded as integral to the universal organic process in which they emerge.They cannot be permanently detached from it and set into a realm of their own.The hypostatization of values is at best only an expedient of thought, which must be corrected by replacing them back into the organic continuity. Only then shall we clearly see that values are always ‘values for Life.’ No other kind of value is conceivable. But the Life to which ‘values’ have immediate reference is not the same as biological Life.The aim of biological Life is self-perpetuation; the aim of the metabiological Life to which ‘values’ have reference is creative newness. Yet biological Life and metabiological Life cannot be separated; they are truly continuous.Every manifestation of true creative newness attracts to itself the conscious attention of those subsequent individuals who are capable of responding to it. Their endeavor to understand the new phenomenon is their endeavor to assimilate it, and by assimilating it, to maintain it in existence. The process is strictly biological, but it cannot be contained in the category of the biological as the word is used today. Hence the use of the term, metabiological. Implicit in the use of this word is the theory that values which maintain themselves are organic facts of the same intrinsic order as variations which maintain themselves in the evolutionary process. The ideals which do not maintain themselves are not, and are never called, values. (End of Murry paraphrase.)So what values are alive here at the beginning of the twenty-first century? What are the prevailing attitudes that are the catalysts for the values, which we as individual members of society will keep alive and perpetuate as we propel ourselves faster and faster into the future.It is so sad that the prominent attitude among so much of today’s ‘world society’ is "Image Is Everything’. Certainly, both in the business world and in personal Life as well, we would all like to put our best foot forward and display our self or our product in the best light possible, but it is not really true that; ‘clothes make the person’, that you have to ‘dress for success’ or ‘ you are what you drive’, or ‘you are your appearance’ or any of the other hundred ‘your image is you’ things we pretend are true. These sayings may well be so for the many people who live entirely in the outer world and have no relationship whatsoever with their inner, their real self - that is to say, those who have yet to become a conscious part of the all-pervading unity of the Universe, which is, unfortunately, most of human race. Today’s real truth says that ‘appearances don’t count for diddley’. The truth is we really don’t care what other people look like, but for some strange reason we think that they care what we look like - or what kind of car we drive - or how big our home is - or any of the other ten thousand pretentious ways we have of disguising who (and thereby what) we really are. People say, "Oh, I don’t want to look good for others, I want to look good for myself." But just what does that mean, as we know that all of our actions stem from selfish motives. Who is kidding who? We are so vain. Have you ever noticed that while there are some truly physically beautiful people in this world, the majority of us are not really what you would call ‘good lookers’ and some of us are just downright homely. And they say ‘What You See Is What You Get’. Yes, Right.... Well, you cannot tell a book by the picture on the cover. Physical beauty is, of course, only skin deep and is projected from the surface outward. Inner beauty permeates to the core and then radiates in all directions out from the heart of the human psyche.It is indeed hard, I agree, to live in a physical world without wanting to conform to the philosophy of narcissistic vanity spewed forth by the sales forces of today’s ever-present commercial environment. These sales forces are made up of ‘regular people’ just like you and me and are just trying to support themselves by doing their job, which is to sell, sell, sell. They are in front of us, everywhere, telling us how we should look or what we should have to project the best image of ourselves. And we do just as they say, all in an effort to conform and to get attention, to be noticed.Over and over again we brainwash ourselves into believing that how other people perceive us to be is more important than how we really are. It has become a world of fakery, of pretense, of complete falsehoods. It seems that nothing is real anymore. Everywhere nearly everything is fake. Fake wood, fake jewelry, fake fur, fake flowers. You name it, someone somewhere makes a fake one. There is a systematic syntheticization of everything including the people we ourselves are. I know a woman who will not go out of her house unless she has spent the appropriate hour or so in front of a mirror plying her face with makeup, making herself look just so ( I think she looks better without it). But, again, the real truth is, that at our end it matters not one iota what we looked like, (ask any blind person if they care what you look like), what things we’ve possessed, what our financial status or place in society has been, or really any thing else that has to do with the outer, physical world which slips from our mind in our suffering latter years as though the last grains of sand in the upper half of an hourglass.Billy Graham said, "When one is suffering, the world ends at the foot of the bed." And someone else has said, "As I grow old and totter toward my tomb, I find that I care less and less, who has what, or what has whom. But the inner wisdom and maturity I long for can not come any too soon."How horrible it would be to grow old but not mature, to just become an old empty shell with no inner wisdom, no maturity to enjoy and perpetuate. How many times have I heard an older person say, ‘It’s sure isn’t any fun getting old’ or ‘Whoever named these the golden years was as dumb as a box of rocks’.? These fine old folks exemplify the cynicism that is the result of a Life spent living in the outer world without developing a relationship with the inner self living deep within each and every one of us. "Nothing avails from without - All is within!!" When we allow the evolution of our real inner self to take place, we will find we have no need of an outer image whatsoever. In truth, ‘image’ equals pretense, like the facade of a Hollywood set. It might be pretty on the outside, but it is pretty empty on the inside. Image is everything - if you don’t have anything else, that is.So what is it that we do have and who would we be if there were no rules? What would we do if there was no accountability? What would we get away with if we could get away with anything? What are the values that define us? What are the Life values that our world society is now perpetuating - perpetuating by the way in which we live our individual lives?Do the ideals of responsibility, truthfulness, reliability, integrity, dignity, respect, courtesy, politeness and courage exist in the world in which you live? These are just a few of the ideals or, ‘Life values’, that we are in danger of losing altogether if we do not form a habit of making them a part of our daily existence. We have to actually live the values we hope to perpetuate. Otherwise, they die, or at the very least, they go dormant and have to wait to be resurrected.So it really is up to you and to me to see that the values we cherish continue to live. No matter what else happens, those who can must keep the ball rolling if we expect to facilitate Change. Here, the words of Margaret Mead seem appropriate when she says, "Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can Change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." And Mahatma Gandhi advised us that, "You must be the Change you wish to see in this world." Here the words of Sheldon Stahl seem so very appropriate. "Change, he says, "begins with one - the power of the individual. It’s not uncommon these days to be overcome with the notion that there is little we can do to alter the flow of the cosmos that sweeps us along in its current. This sense of powerlessness often results in a degree of passivity and paralysis that simply reinforces the notion that we really can’t Change anything, even if we should wish to do so. Yet history provides us with numerous examples of individuals who have made a profound difference. And we must know intuitively that there are among us even now individuals who by their actions are having an impact on our lives and the lives of generations yet unborn. A single drop of water may have no perceptible effect when it falls on stone. However, over time the result of innumerable drips on that stone will be to alter its form. That is to say, the power of one is most often imperceptible. But the power of many individuals united in their vison and in their actions is an altogether different situation. The nature of most societal Change is that it tends to proceed incrementally. Great changes are the exception, not the rule. They seldom emerge full blown, but are the result of a cumulative process over time.[evolution] And at the root of all such transformation in our society, there must first be a Change in ourselves and in our thinking. Absent such a Change at the individual level, there can be no effective Change at the collective level. There resides in each of us the potential to initiate and to contribute to the process of Change, if we have the will to seize that potential and to act upon it. If we fail to participate in that process, or choose to stand aside, we run the risk of living rather barren lives. For as the futurist Alvin Toffler observed, "Change is not merely necessary to live - it is Life." To recognize this reality is to shun the excuse that our power of one, like the drop of water, is bereft of significance. Rather, in choosing action over inaction, we can make manifest the coda of Margaret Mead and join together as atomistic players in helping to Change our world through the combined ‘powers of ones."To act is the greatest challenge any of us can face. We can either sit idly by and watch in horror as society disintegrates around us or we can act up to the limit of our potential as human beings, joining forces to initiate Change. If we refuse to do this, our relationship with the world will continue to become stagnant, regressive and without respect for as Rick Curl tells us, "Our growing lack of mutual respect can be seen every day if one takes the time to look. Our growing lack of courtesy is readily apparent on our streets and highways. People are willing to verbally abuse or even kill each other over something as simple as a disagreement over right of way. There are reports every day about bad customer service in the places we spend our money. Good tidings are growing rare and more difficult to communicate and often we cannot simply accept the well wishes from a stranger. The news media are full of reports of hostility and indecency. We sit back and observe these shortcomings, failing to realize that these people are simply reflecting what we all have become. It is time to rethink where we are going - we must reset our moral compass. We must read between the lines and see the big picture." Our failure to do so inevitably brings us closer and closer to the ultimate of crises. This, however, may indeed be what it takes for us to Change. People do inexplicable things in a moment of crisis. We would do well to remember that crisis and the resolution of crisis are the very essence of our human lives. They do not so much build our character as reveal it to us. Calamity has this way of knocking down artifice and pretension, those devices we construct to keep other people from seeing who and what we really are. In a very real sense, we become our true self when things are disintegrating all around us. Or as Sharon Faris says, "The worse things are the better they are."Human Life here at the beginning of the twenty-first century appears to be at the end of one era and at the beginning of another. The old way is dying. The new way has come alive. We need to get on with it. We must begin to imagine how Life could be if only we have the will to Change our thinking and see Life as it really is. 'Imagine there is no heaven - it is easy if you try. There is no hell below us, above us only sky. Imagine all the people, living for today. Imagine there are no countries - it isn’t hard to do. Nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too. Imagine all the people, living Life in peace. You may say that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day all will join in, and the world will be as one. Imagine no possessions, and wonder if you can, no need for greed or hunger, a true brotherhood of man. Imagine all the people, sharing all the world.' - It’s time to pay it forward because we really are just One People, One Race, the Human Race. You can believe what you want to believe, but very soon now the old fat lady is going to sing.
Let us hope that many people are able to hear her.

You may say that I'm a dreamer, but in the words of John Lennon, just "Imagine."

Well, That was the long version..... So, Here’s the short version...
What it all comes down to, when it’s all said and done, when the fat lady does sing and we’ve come to the end of the road, when that’s all she wrote and there is no more, what it all boils down to and when we finally see the light, what it all means in the end is this.
Human Beings are no more and no less than Life Aware Of Itself. That’s pretty much it, plain and simple. Early in human existence, as our awareness began to sprout, our primitive ancestors divided Life into two categories; plant and animal. Then they made the mistake of thinking that humans are separate from the rest of Life and something different and 'special.' We continue to think this way today. This egotistical stance has kept us from understanding ourselves as the evolving entities we really are, responsible for maintaing our own living values. And the gods and religions we have created in an effort to protect us from our own immorality are becoming increasingly incapable and obsolete as our evolving technologies have propelled us beyond the heavens and from the micro to the macro. Human Beings are, in fact, the leading edge of animal evolution - at least, in this revolution of evolution. There may have been past, and may be future periods of Life’s evolution, but we have to deal with the one in which we are now living. When we can get beyond the myths and traditions of human Life - once we can take the step of accepting ourselves as merely evolving animals, once we can grasp this as just a plain fact (truth), then all of Life takes on a new meaning. We see Life in a different way. For the first time we see Life as it really is - as but an evolving, self-perpetuating reality - how could it really be otherwise? It is right here staring us in the face, and it has been all the time. We have just refused to look back and see it as it is. This seeing is, however, something that cannot really be shown or explained to other people - it’s like most of Life’s experiences - to really know what it is like, you have to live it yourself. We’ve all had those moments of seeing, when something all of a sudden makes sense for the first time - something that was there all along but we just didn’t see it. And now that we see it, we are dumbfounded as to how we didn't see it before and, in fact, we have difficulty in recalling our former view. Well, it’s the same thing with reality - it is here, but because of cultural tradition we refuse to step up and look at it and accept it for what it is, for this would be counter to those very traditional cultural beliefs that keep us both locked in the past and unable to move forward. (And anyway, who are we to say that centuries of generations of people have, and still do, live according to ancient myth?)
Once we develop the courage to take this step, then our lives will become different. We become, among other things, more concerned with what direction the entire human race is going, and what the future might bring as we evolve. This is not about political ideology . Nor is it a thing of nationality. This is a human thing. It is, in fact, the most human of things. Other than our cultural beliefs and traditions, there really are no differences in the peoples of the world. We are all members of the human race and our interest should lie specifically in the whole of the race - based on the understanding that no matter what our differences are, we are all One. And in the future that is coming at us at an unprecedented speed, we will need to all work together as a unit if we are going to survive. Time is of the essence as we are nearing a point of no return in the movement towards our own extinction.. We will have to learn to think differently...we must come together - we are not separate - we are one.
Unfortunately, there is a tremendous, and seemingly universal, resistence against the One World philosophy and thus the human race is likely to go kicking and screaming like rebellious teenagers into our twenty-first century future, but, alas, we will really have no choice but to change our thinking. Eventually, as the global economy becomes ever more pervasive, and with an expanding population grappling with global climate change, we will gradually evolve into a Global Society - One World at piece, One People united, with members who are the evolving animals of the human race, and governed by a united government.With regards to the eventuality of a one world government; it is coming, and that is a fact. It is just a matter of time. I remember when I moved from the sixth grade in elementary school to seventh grade in junior high school. I was surprised at the stricter and more numerous rules placed upon students. When I questioned my teacher about it, she replied, "I have a lot more students than your previous teacher did and with more students there are naturally more rules and fewer freedoms. That’s just the way it is.". Well, it doesn’t really take a visionary to see where our world society is headed, and it is headed there whether we like it or not. With more and more people, we will have more and more rules. We will also have less and less privacy and fewer and fewer freedoms. While it may not be what we would choose, it would appear to be inevitable - how could it really be otherwise? A world with many more people will need many more rules than previous peoples had and it will also be a world with less privacy and fewer freedoms. It may not be what we would want, but this is where we are headed, like it or not. It just stands to reason - how could it be otherwise as we continue to multiply and move nearer and nearer to a Global Society, governed by a One World Government which will come to dominate as the threat of a Global Warming catastrophe looms ever larger? There will be a tremendous amount of resistance by zealous patriots from many nations who are unwilling to let go of the past and who continue to insist upon maintaining an ‘us and them’ mentality. But rather than resisting the changes that are inevitable in the coming century, we should be anticipating and planning for them, then embracing these changes and thereby guiding and controlling our future. The whole world is, in fact, a melting pot of cultures as we move, at an unprecedented speed, nearer and neared to a truly homogenized Global Society. We shall either unite and take control of our future or stay divided and have our future taken control of by those in the seat of power. In an address to the United States Senate way back on February 17th, 1950, Paul Warburg (U.S. Council On Foreign Relations and the architect of the U.S. Federal Reserve System) stated "We shall have World Government, whether or not we like it. The only question is whether World Government will be achieved by conquest or consent." The positive power of unity is always stronger than the negative power of division. We will all eventually acknowledge our oneness. The way this will gradually be achieved is by multiple nations forming unions of nations, which will eventually combine to form one large union (The World Union), much as the United States is formed by many states, each having quasi-autonomy but governed together under one common agreement. This would seem to be the direction the natural evolution of an intelligent animal’s society would move toward - less division, greater unity.
There is now already a European Union (the EU) and an African Union (The Organization Of African Unity, the OAU). These unions were formed under the guise of increased security and prosperity. The plans are now underway for an Asian Union. Also now in the works is a North American Union composed of Canada, the U.S.A. and Mexico (whose beginnings include NAFTA). The common currency of the EU is the Euro. The NAU will have the Amero, replacing the Peso and the American/ Canadian dollars. These three major unions, along with any others that may form from the remaining nations, such as a South American Union, will eventually merge and meld into a One World government (The World Union of the United Nations). We will, indeed, then be a Global Society with one center of power (the UN), one main bank (the World Bank), and one general army (the UN Forces). These entities already exist as does the International Space Station, which is the largest and most complex international scientific project in human history. When it is complete, the ISS will represent a move of unprecedented scale off our home planet and will be the repository of the back-up Human Knowledge Bank. Led initially by the United States, the ISS draws upon the scientific and technological resources of 16-plus nations: Canada, Japan, Russia, eleven nations of the European Space Agency, and Brazil. Other nations help as well, in various ways. We will all need to be involved because if we have learned anything from history, it is that, in the words of Lord Acton ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’, so we will need to be united and on our guard. We also need to be aware that the social manipulation of society through the generation of fear and division has completely detached us as individuals from our sense of power, our sense of responsibility, and from reality itself. This is a process that, unfortunately, has been going on for centuries. Religion, patriotism, race, wealth, class and every other form of arbitrary separatist identification thus conceived has served to create a controlled population, utterly malleable in the hands of a few, so we need to safeguard against this by all of us being involved - no one gets to sit this one out - everybody has to participate, lest we fall prey to a dictator and lose all of our rights, which is, in fact, a very real and dangerous possibility. The course of our future is set - it is just a matter of us seeing it, accepting it, and then, rather than rebelling against it, working with it. It is up to us whether we will be united and the masters of our World Society or divided and slaves to it. As long as people continue to see themselves as separate from everything else, they lend themselves to being completely enslaved by those who would control them. If the day ever comes that people realize the truth of their relationship to Nature, and the truth of their personal power and responsibility, then everything will Change. That day can not come any too soon. If we can manage to survive, that is. It’s really only a matter of time.
Tick, Tick, Tick....The clock is Ticking....

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